Mine - マイン
I have met various girls so far, but I like her the most. I hoped meet again, but I couldn't meet her easily.

I had her change to an sexy swimsuit. I tried to do Erotic things, but she was not enthusiastic. And she said 'Stop.', when I tried to bareback. I negotiated for 1 hour. The result was a failure. I inserted it with a condom. Finally I shot at her body. After I finished I spent a lot of time asking about herself. 'I have a boyfriend.' Then, 'I love my boyfriend.'

'Well then let's finish today and let's go home' I didn't say, 'Well then just knead your boobs for the time being.' I said. She answered 'OK....' I kneaded her boobs with a body cream, And I did titty fuck, In the end, I shot at her boobs.