May - メイ
I went to a villa with private pool in 2 days / 1 night. This is a recorded video at that time.

【Day 1 Daytime】

May was thin than before. She was a more model-like figure. It had been only half a year since then, but it seemed to be mature. I gave her a swimsuit because she did not bring it. The white swimsuit looked good on her brown skin! "I can swim!" So that she will swim. Well, I did not think she could swim.

"I'll massage you for a moment" and put oil on the pool side. (I really like this.) Her butt was the most erotic! I took off her swimsuit and turned into a shaved one! What happened in the last six months! But a little hair grow, so I had shave.

From there blowjob, and bareback. It was bright and shaved so I ccould see the inserted part better. I was feeling come as soon as it was good, but I held it in. We had sex even in the pool because it was awesome. However, She could not moan (hear it from the next villa), it was hard to sex outside, we moved inside the room. In cowgirl position she shook her butt, it was really fierce, really intense. The more I wanted to have sex all the time, she was insanely erotic. At the end we got excited at the normal position, shot a little to outside, mostly to creampie. We burned each other completely so we rested for a while.