Jeneve - ジェネブ
She was cute, charm and bright. And a dancer, had a nice body. Especially the butt was big and powerful. When I asked her to dance, she did just a little bit. She had a short denim, it suited very well.

Good reaction from the second half at the cunnilings. She grabbed my hair quite well and tighten my head strongly by her thighs. She had come, said "Oh, Shit !!! Oh My God!" I thought that she was a playgirl from the impression of appearance, but not to be so, she said that she had never done a blowjob. But if I asked her, "I only can do 3 seconds," so she did it for a moment. Especially if I did not say anything, it was bareback. She tried hide her face, but good moan, it was pretty cute. And creampie. Her reacted like "What the hell are you doing?"